The mother of a baby elephant living in Yala Reserve Park in Sri Lanka rescued the baby elephant from a perilous crocodile attack. The baby elephant approached to the waterhole with its mother for quenching their thirst, unaware of a crocodile lurking beneath the muddy to pounce. The mother elephant promptly came to the rescue of her baby by launching a ruthless counterattack against the crocodile to foil its assault.

Mother elephant stomped on the crocodile with her forefoot while trumpeting fiercely and attacked the crocodile so that it could not reach the baby elephant. At that moment, the crocodile abandoned its hunt and run away to the thicket. Meanwhile, frustrated by the evolving situation, the baby elephant sought relief in its mother’s embrace. After all, the baby elephant accompanied by its mother moved away from the waterhole.

This rare incident has been recorded on the mobile phone of a Wildlife Officer working in the park. According to his statement, the mother elephant who engaged in this act of bravery is called ‘Roly’. Roly has given birth to her baby a few weeks ago.

The life of the little newborn baby elephant who was clueless about the vulnerability, was safeguarded by the courageous and situational act of its mother. Roly is a precious example from animal world of extraordinary dedication of mothers who have fearlessly challenged the danger for the protection of their children. Incidents like these constantly prove that the mother’s love is unparallel and universal and that is valid for both human and the animal kingdom.

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# Video Of Baby Elephant Survived From A Crocodile Attack

Credit: News Center