UK-based food artist Kerry Roberts bakes cupcakes look like real flowers. They look so surreal that sometimes it is difficult to believe they are actually edible. Robert has named her cute cupcakes “Kerry’s Bouqcakes”, which is a combination of the words bouquet and cakes. Kerry’s Bouqcakes are getting more and more attention because cakes and flowers altogether create the best choice for gifting.

According to Roberts, she was fascinated by combining her passion for baking with her creativity. She wanted to make cupcakes look like flowers because flowers simply symbolize beauty and happiness. Later, she decided to start her own cupcake business. Robert’s vision is to bake preservative-free cakes that can be consumed by anybody specially, children without worrying about health issues. She has guaranteed it by mentioning on her website that she never bakes cakes that cannot be given to her own children.


Robbert uses a wide range of colours and textures to enhance the realistic appearance of her cupcakes. Her collection is full of cupcakes that are decorated with buttercream flowers like dahlias, orchids, daisies, and daffodils. Those life-like icing flowers showcase the patience and uniqueness of this wonderful cupcake artist’s colour selection. Roberts converts those individual cupcakes into a bouquet by arranging a few of them together. Apart from flowers, she also creates cute and aesthetic plants like succulents and cacti. Therefore, her “Bouqcakes” are not just a collection of flowers but also plants.

She is also dedicated to inspiring others who love to combine their talent for baking with their creativity. She posts videos of decorating these cute cupcakes on the Instagram page of “Kerry’s Bouqcakes”. Roberts conducts online tutorials as well.

Even though the realistic bouquets Roberts creates are edible, it is more worth it to enjoy their beauty than to test their taste. Now there’s no need to gift your loved ones with cupcakes and flowers separately because Kerry’s Bouqcakes are there for you as a perfect choice for gifts.

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#1 Images Of Cupcakes Look Like Real Flowers

Buttercream Flower Cupcakes
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Artistic Flower Cupcakes
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Cupcakes Shaped Like Flowers
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Cupcake Flower Arrangements
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Edible Flower Bouqcakes
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Flower Cupcake Art
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Floral Cupcake Bouquets
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Flower-Themed Cupcakes
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Realistic Floral Cupcakes
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes


Realistic Flower Cupcakes
Image Credit: kerrys_bouqcakes

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