Min Kyung-jin is a Korean food artist. Before being a food artist, she was a foodie, and she still is. Initially, she started creating cute food art and posting pictures of those dishes on her Instagram page just for fun. But lately, it has made her a popular artist. She calls herself “sibatable” on Instagram. Although playing with food is one of the rules that go on the “DO NOT DO” list for kids, no one can avoid appreciating this cute food art.

This self-made artist’s approach has been evolving over time. Initially, she didn’t make many changes to the food to create her cute food art. The cute bear-shaped oatmeal cookies, bunny-shaped apple slices, and bears made with rice are examples of these simple food artworks. However, lately, her approach has become more fun and innovative, indicating the death of her creative mind. For instance, she created a shaggy dog using noodles and put it in kimchi soup. That picture received a lot of positive comments from viewers.

Cute Food Art..

From that day on, Kyung-jin started exploring the next level of her cute food art by trying out a variety of different arrangements and foods. Rice ball panda, potato polar bear, and cabbage puppy are such kinds of edible art pieces that represent the highest level of Kyung-jin’s creativity. Among the different types of characters and animals, she breathes life into using food, dogs are the most frequent type. Perhaps dog-shaped food sculptures are her favourites as well. Shepherds, chihuahuas, poodles, and terriers are several breeds of dogs she created using ingredients like rice, noodles, and vegetables.

To benchmark the success of her cute food art, this talented artist has released her own book, which includes the recipes for her food sculptures. Anyone can try Kyung-jin’s recipes, even at home. But don’t blame her for not being able to eat them because you enjoy watching them more than eating them.

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#1 Images Of Cute Food Art

Captivating Food Portrayals
Image Credit: sibatable


Adorable Culinary Creations
Image Credit: sibatable


Wholesome Food Carvings
Image Credit: sibatable


Cheerful Food Imagery
Image Credit: sibatable


Creative Food Arrangements
Image Credit: sibatable


Cute Cuisine Art
Image Credit: sibatable


Delightful Food Designs
Image Credit: sibatable


Enchanting Food Sculpting
Image Credit: sibatable


Endearing Food Crafts
Image Credit: sibatable


Entertaining Food Displays
Image Credit: sibatable


Fun Food Modeling
Image Credit: sibatable


Irresistible Food Figures
Image Credit: sibatable


Joyful Food Crafting
Image Credit: sibatable


Quirky Food Characters
Image Credit: sibatable


Playful Edible Art
Image Credit: sibatable

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