Maisie Matilda is a UK-based artist. She engages in creating fore-edge book paintings that convert even discarded books into valuable pieces of art. This form of art is considered endangered because, currently, very few artists are engaging in it. Matilda is one of them, and her artistic efforts support keeping this traditional art alive.

Initially, fore-edge book paintings were used as a technique to identify books by British royals. They painted a scene that is related to the content of the book to easily identify them. However, by today, this practice has become a form of art rather than a technique of identifying books.

Interested In Fantasy Novels..

Matilda has been interested in fantasy novels for a long time. That’s why she uses them for her fore-edge book paintings as well. Her collection is filled with fantasy novel series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Twilight, and Dune. Matilda paints popular scenes, characters, or landscapes from those stories. Most of the time, this skillful artist compresses the entire story of the book into one fore-edge painting. She also shares some videos on TikTok and Instagram about her art. Those videos include the whole process of selecting the book, placing it into a press to set the pages still and aligned, and creating a magical painting on the fore-edge of the book. After all, she shows in her videos how paintings vanish and again unite when flipping the pages of the book.

Apart from fantasy novels, she is also interested in classic literature. The way she combined her artistic power with her love for fantasy novels is wonderful. Sharing videos on social media not only entertains viewers but also invites a lot of creative minds out there to join the effort to preserve this endangered form of art. Fore-edge book paintings teach us that art can make even abandoned objects a precise form of art.

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#1 Images Of Fore-Edge Book Painting

Unique book illustrations
Image Credit: maisie_matilda_art


Traditional book art
Image Credit: maisie_matilda_art


Fore-edge art
Image Credit: maisie_matilda_art


Fantasy novel artwork
Image Credit: maisie_matilda_art


Endangered art preservatio
Image Credit: maisie_matilda_art


British royals book identification
Image Credit: maisie_matilda_art


Book painting
Image Credit: maisie_matilda_art

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