UK Street Art is one of the most attractive parts of urban life. Although street art is as fascinating as other art forms, it may easily be damaged because of the impact of external factors like weather, vandalism, and stealing. That is why Art UK, an online database is managed by an organization in the United Kingdom. Currently, it has nearly 300,000 artworks belonging to different public art collections representing the entire country. The good news is that 5,000 new street art pieces will be added to this database in the near future. This project aims to fully digitalize UK street art within 3 years.

There are a lot of different designs and patterns within this new street art collection, while colorful murals are the most abundant. These beautiful art pieces will be documented on all forms of surfaces, like concrete, tile, wood, brick, and even stone walls, after being added to the Art UK database. The main advantage of this digitalized approach is that any changes that happen to any art piece are always recorded. So, the safety of these art pieces is guaranteed.

Unconventional Art Forms..

Apart from acting as a database, Art UK also plays a major role in promoting unconventional art forms. Art UK also has a free education program and a lot of resources like workshops, videos, and audio for enthusiasts to follow. Their art collection is filled with art pieces from both famous artists and newcomers. They support newcomers to make their art available to the public. Art in the UK is interested in not only preserving the art but also supporting new artists to learn and grow.

With art pieces from the 1970s and 1960s, Art UK provides space for recently published art pieces as well. This project has identified the importance of UK street art and the threats it faces. Art UK will continue its precise service of protecting street art while acknowledging the essence of street art in urban life.

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#1 Images Of UK Street Art

Contemporary Street Art UK
Image Credit: artukdotorg


Digital Street Art UK
Image Credit: artukdotorg


Public Art UK
Image Credit: artukdotorg


Street Art Preservation UK
Image Credit: artukdotorg


UK Graffiti Art
Image Credit: artukdotorg


UK Mural Art
Image Credit: artukdotorg


Urban Art Database UK
Image Credit: artukdotorg

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