It was a special Sunday for the residents of Finsbury Park, London. Everybody gathered at Hornsey Road to see the enormous mural on the side of a building in their household since the morning. One wall of that building was splattered with green paint. The naked tree in front of the green wall adds meaning to this art piece. Altogether, it looks like an evergreen tree standing majestically in the middle of Finsbury Park Residency.

Further, there is a painting of a young girl on the same wall beneath the massive green splatter. She is holding a piece of equipment that looks like a pressure sprayer. It seems this girl is the one who sprayed the paint. She is looking at the top of the tree. That glance represents her desire to see greenery in the middle of this urban city. This massive mural can also be considered as a representation of the battle between nature and urbanization.

However, the artist behind this unconventional artwork remained anonymous until the next morning. Some rumours were going around saying that Bansky had created a mural on the side of a building in Finsbury Park. It wasn’t that difficult for residents to guess the owner of this masterpiece by just looking at the painting style.

Banky is famous for his mysterious and rebellious approach as an artist. It is very difficult to see or capture him. He doesn’t paint in public as a normal artist, rather, he creates the artwork and leaves the place secretly. This exceptional street artist takes some time to reveal the identity of his paintings to the audience. This unconventional style makes him even more popular.

Nevertheless, local people were so excited and proud to have Bansky’s original mural on the side of a building in their residency. They consider it a message given to them. This massive mural inspires them to protect nature from unfamiliar human activities like urbanization.

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#1 Images Of The Massive Mural

Large Wall Art
Image Credit: banksy


Huge Street Mural
Image Credit: banksy


Giant Building Mural
Image Credit: banksy

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