Uniqueness is something we always like to see in everything. For example, we love to make the way we dress unique from others. In today’s world, people tend to add uniqueness not only to fashion but also to the houses they live in. Check out the 8 most unique houses in the world. However, they are so in contrast with the houses we live in.

#1 The Shoe House In South Africa

This house, which looks like a shoe, is owned by Ron Van Zyl. He is an entrepreneur and an artist. This is located in Mpumalanga, SA. The shoe theme of this house is based on an old nursery rhyme called “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe”. Today, this house is used as a museum for the owner’s art pieces.

The Shoe House In South Africa
Image Credit:flickr

#2 The Shoe House In Netherland

This shoe house is situated in a park in the Netherlands. It has a cartoon look because the owner of this house is a cartoonist called Alfred J. Kwak. Its look describes why it is one of the 8 most unique houses in the world.

The Shoe House In Netherland
Image Credit: Wikimedia

#3 The Stone House In Portugal

This is a private property located in Portugal. It looks similar to a cave where humans used to live in the Stone Age. The space on this property is built by carving into a stone. However, the owners of this house are not known.

The Stone House In Portugal
Image Credit: Wikimedia

#4 The Toilet House In Korea

Although the name sounds awkward, this is one of the 8 most unique houses on earth. This differently-shaped house is located in Suwon City, South Korea. Its unique shape is obviously the reason behind calling it “the toilet house”. However, this house is available for hosting events, and anybody can visit the place on any day during the year.

The Toilet House In Korea
Image Credit: reuters

#5 The Biomorphic House In Israel

This eco-friendly house is located in Nehusha, Israel. It was built by a French architect called Ephraim Henry Pavie. Although it looks modern, its shape is different from a typical contemporary house. Perhaps this will be the future form of modern architecture.

The Biomorphic House In Israel
Image Credit: Wikimedia

#6 The Nautilus House In Mexico

The exact location of this house is Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico. The artist behind this wonderful art piece is Javier Senosiain. This place is also available for you to visit throughout the year.

The Nautilus House In Mexico
Image Credit:flicker

#7 The Upside-Down House In Germany

This house is located in a zoo in Getorff, Germany. This house stands on its roof. It is so confusing to even think about entering this house. But there is no need to stay just thinking about it. You are allowed to visit this house all year.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

#8 Rotterdam Cubic Houses In the Netherlands

Finally, among the 8 most unique houses, this cubic house is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They are privately owned properties, but accommodation is available for the public as well. Anyone can book them via an online website that features these fantastic cubic houses and enjoy the experience.

Rotterdam Cubic Houses, Netherlands
Image Credit: flickr

These 8 most unique houses represent the beauty of thinking outside the box. They are designed to stand out as unique architectural masterpieces while functioning as normal houses.

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