Ukrainian artist Nikita Busyak creates mesmerizing pen drawings of buildings that capture the essence of Ukrainian architecture. What makes these drawings more special is the illuminating windows they have. The yellow light that brightens the windows and other openings of buildings makes them look magical. These drawings are capable of setting you calm by giving you the imaginary experience of roaming around a city surrounded by vintage buildings under the night sky.

Busyak uses Micron pens to draw these buildings with intricate lines. He uses shading techniques to highlight their 3D look. Each line of pen showcases the immense patience and practice the artist possesses. The most attractive part of these pen drawings of buildings, the light, is added digitally after finishing the hand-drawing part. The golden light Busyak uses enlightens the entire drawing with peacefulness. The one with a house in front of a lake is such a peaceful and elegant drawing. The artist has brought the shadow of this illuminating house to life on the waving surface of the lake in such a calming way that it feels as though thoughts vanish and the mind finds peace.

Enjoy Little Things..

When Busyak got familiar with his approach, he started experimenting with each aspect of it, including lighting and background. Now he is using colours other than yellow to illuminate drawings. The background is also evolving, from buildings to other vintage objects like old sailing boats. Hopefully, we will be able to see more variations in Busyak’s pen drawings in the future.

Busyak’s pen drawings of buildings always invite us to enjoy the nightlife. Even though we get that chance every day, we casually miss it. But Busyak reminds us how beautiful and peaceful our surroundings are. “Enjoy little things” is the ultimate message he wants to give us through his art.

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#1 Images Of Pen Drawings Of Buildings

Urban sketching with lights
Image Credit: citiesandsketches


Nighttime building illustrations
Image Credit: citiesandsketches


Night scene pen drawings
Image Credit: citiesandsketches


Illuminated cityscape illustrations
Image Credit: citiesandsketches


Illuminated architecture drawings
Image Credit: citiesandsketches


Building sketches with glow
Image Credit: citiesandsketches


Architectural pen art
Image Credit: citiesandsketches

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