Yuni Yoshida is a Japanese art director. She creates surreal food art using fruits like apples, oranges and, bananas. This magical artist transforms fruits in such a way that they don’t look like fruits anymore. Sometimes, she glues parts of several fruits by cutting small cubes from them. It is so difficult to guess that Yoshida’s artworks are handmade because the quality and completion of them are as perfect as the artworks created using computers.

Yoshida utilises every aspect of a fruit to create surreal food art. On the other hand, she uses different techniques, which someone will never usually imagine, to make her artwork look surreal. One of the most appreciated forms of Yoshida’s art is the “Pixelated Series”. As previously mentioned, she cut small cubes from fruits that make them look like they are glitching. Her creative vision does not stop there. She crafts sculptures using fruits as well. Sometimes, they look similar to the precise art pieces we see in museums.

It is adorable the way this visionary artist adds a new perspective to fruits. I am pretty sure that you have never thought of creating a sculpture using an apple instead of eating it. That’s why we should appreciate the way Yoshida turns ordinary fruits into surreal fruit art.

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#1 Images Of Surreal Fruit Art

Creative fruit sculpting
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Edible surrealism
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Extraordinary fruit creations
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Fruits as art medium
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Magical fruit transformations
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Whimsical fruit designs
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Surreal fruit sculptures
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Unique fruit artwork
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Yoshida's surreal fruit crafts
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida


Yuni Yoshida's fruit masterpieces
Image Credit: yuni_yoshida

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