“House of Today”, the Lebanese non-profit organization, recently collaborated with 10 local artists to introduce a series of candle sculptures. This series is known as “The Candle Project” which was initiated to raise funds for charity purposes. The sculptural candles in this project represent the authentic cultural values of Lebanon. The way these 10 artists delicately crafted different objects using wax is attractive.

In addition to the local artists, talented artisans from the Centre Hospitalier Beit Chabeb, which is a rehabilitation center for disabled people, also contributed to this good work. Local artists’ creativity, along with the artisans’ talent, transformed common objects like candles into precise artwork. The funds raised from this project would be allocated to several non-profit organizations including the House of Today.

Few Wonderful Sculptural Candles..

When mentioning a few wonderful sculptural candles, Aline Asmar d’Amman’s “Aspiration” holds a special place. It is inspired by the Lady of Lebanon statue located in Harissa, Lebanon. The artist has created sharp patterns that look similar to a staircase in the candle. It is mentioned that this piece of art showcases humans’ hopes for a better future. Richard Yasmin’s “Sinking Sun” also creates a positive vibe. The sculptural candle, crafted by using nine individual candles, symbolizes sunset. Although the sun sets today, we can expect it to rise again tomorrow, just like we all have chances to restart our lives.

Another beautiful sculptural candle is LimbObject’s “I am here”. It includes an intricate set of carvings that look like human hands around the sculpture. “Spiritual Sphere” by Nada Debs and “Nothing is Forever” by Flavie Audi are also as complex and symbolic as the other candle sculptures. Although these sculptural candles have different shapes, the ultimate factor they emphasize to the world is that the difference is our strength.

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#1 Images Of Sculptural Candles

Unique candle sculptures
Image Credit: houseoftoday


Artistic candle designs
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Candle charity initiative
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Creative wax sculptures
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Handcrafted candle artwork
Image Credit: houseoftoday


House of Today candles
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Inspirational candle designs
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Local artist collaborations
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Sculptural candles
Image Credit: houseoftoday


Symbolic candle art
Image Credit: houseoftoday


Lebanese cultural candles
Image Credit: houseoftoday


Charity candle project
Image Credit: houseoftoday

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