Yellena James is a Portland-based artist who always experiments with different colours and media to create dream-like art pieces. In her recent project, James created a set of mixed-media paintings that display the vividness of the marine world. She breathes life into various aquatic plants and animals through vivid colour combinations. It is obvious that you will fall in love with the marine world after seeing these paintings.

As mentioned previously, what makes these mixed-media paintings dreamy are the different colours and textures used. In addition to ink, she paints the canvas using acrylics and gouache, which have unique characteristics. Because of this variety, some objects in the paintings have a thick and abundant texture, while others seem to be simple. The presence of each texture and colour enhances the attractiveness of the others. Altogether, James’s mixed-media paintings represent the biodiversity of oceanic ecosystems.

According to James, she doesn’t want her paintings to look so complex. What she all wants is to familiarize viewers with this unknown yet beautiful marine world with a sense of simplicity and joy. This wonderful artist encourages us to enjoy simplicity.


James didn’t forget to allow the public to see her paintings live. She displayed all of her mixed-media paintings in her solo exhibition in Portland. It was titled “Weightless”. All though that name has nothing to do with aquatic environments, it represents one of the most precise moments of her painting process. As James mentioned, at the beginning of the process, she feels stressed because of the responsibility she has for creating the intended outcome at the end of the process. But once she adds the final brushstroke to her painting, all the stress goes away. What remains is the heart full of contentment and a feeling of “weightlessness”.

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#1 Images Of Mixed-Media Paintings

Varied Creative Works
Image Credit: yellenajames


Multifaceted Art Pieces
Image Credit: yellenajames


Diverse Mixed Media
Image Credit: yellenajames


Dynamic Mixed Media
Image Credit: yellenajames


Eclectic Art Creations
Image Credit: yellenajames


Richly Textured Art
Image Credit: yellenajames


Multilayered Artwork
Image Credit: yellenajames


Multi-medium Paintings
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Textured Art Pieces
Image Credit: yellenajames


Vibrant Art Creations
Image Credit: yellenajames

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