Sweden-based artist Benjamin Uggla uses ceramic and glass to create blob-like sculptures. These playful sculptures look like cartoonish characters because of the eyes, hands, and legs they have. Apart from that, their poses also represent daily human activities such as sitting, working with a laptop, or playing video games. It is wonderful the way these ceramic and glass sculptures entertain viewers with their unusual shapes.

Uggla first drew these funky cartoonish characters in a book but later decided to craft them as 3D sculptures. As mentioned earlier, the blob-like shape of these ceramic and glass sculptures makes them exceptional. Sometimes, they can be seen as big chunks of gum with eyes from which little branches have extended as limbs. Apart from the shape, the material Uggla has used to make these sculptures is also special. He first tried making them using ceramic. Then he decided to make his sculptures even more special by sculpting them with glass.

While being attractive, on the other hand, this decision was quite challenging for Uggla. But this enthusiastic artist, who always wanted to make a difference, started studying glassblowing. He learned all the essentials of glassblowing with the help of a collaborative group of experts from The Glass Factory Boda in Smaland, Sweden. These sculptures blend the characteristics of both glass and ceramic. Although they are shiny and delicate, the solidity of the original ceramic sculptures can still be seen in them.

The vivid colour combination of these glass sculptures also enhances their playful nature. However, the eyes, which can be considered the only expressive feature of these sculptures, make them look exhausted. Perhaps Uggla tries to represent the boredom of our daily routines. He may want to inspire us to enjoy our lives through these playful ceramic and glass sculptures.

#1 Images Of Ceramic And Glass Sculptures

Playful Glass Sculptures
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Cartoonish Glass Art
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Glassy Ceramic Art
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Whimsical Ceramic Creations
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Colorful Glass Sculptures
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Expressive Glass Figures
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Funky Glass Figures
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Playful Glassy Characters
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Vibrant Glassy Creations
Image Credit: benjaminuggla


Playful Glassy Designs
Image Credit: benjaminuggla

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