Fishing can be defined as a long-standing practice, and it has been linked to a major food source since ancient times, when people lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle as they did not have permanent settlements. From the 15th century onwards, however, deep-sea fishing and the fish trade flourished. Since then, with the advancement of technology, better fishing gears have been produced, and gradually more and more recreational fishing methods have also been developed.

Nevertheless, people in the industry did not forget to take pictures to show off to others when they caught a very large fish. While some could not do so, they swore and told their story faithfully to others. Below is a collection of photos taken in the past to let you know the nature of this industry and by looking at them you can understand the veracity of the story they told.

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#1- A 5000 Pound Manta Ray In 1932

Image Credit:  Unknown / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Public Domain

#2- A 416 Pound Black Sea Bass In 1901

Image Credit: u/LostInTheJapan

#3- A 3500 Pound Sunfish In 1910

Image Credit:  Peter Victor Reyes / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

#4- Tahitian Marlin In 1901

Image Credit: American Museum of Natural History / Wikimedia Commons / No Known Copyright Restrictions

#5- A 680 Pound Tuna In 1911

Image Credit: Charles Frederick Holder / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

#6- Sturgeon From The Columbia River- C.1900

Image Credit: John Fletcher Ford / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

#7- Hemingway And Marlins In 1935

Image Credit: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

#8- A Catfish In 1928

Image Credit: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

#9- Tuna In Istanbul- C.1930

Image Credit: /u/Prokfantasmist / Reddit

#10- Possibly A Spearfish- C.1940

Image Credit: Auckland War Memorial Museum / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 4.0


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