South Korean artist Young-Deok Seo creates sculptures with an unconventional material. The unconventional material he uses is little individual pieces of chains, including bicycle chains. He chooses to sculpt by assembling those little pieces rather than transforming one large piece of the material into a mesmerising 3D human sculpt. The way this talented artist interconnects those little pieces to create shiny and minimalist human sculptures is exceptional.

However, these sculptures with an unconventional material become special not only because of their material but also because of the symbolic representation of that material. The mechanised surface it has symbolises the complexity of today’s world due to industrialization. These human sculptures emphasise how industrialization has tied us tightly to itself and how it has made our lives monotonous.

Nevertheless, the ultimate finishing of these sculptures is incredibly perfect. All credit for that goes to the artist, his patience, and his talent. These sculptures with unconventional materials have different postures, like sitting, standing, and kneeling. One more characteristic of these human sculptures is that they don’t have faces. Even though they have faces, their eyes are always closed. It seems those humans are lost in thought. As a whole, Seo’s unconventional metallic sculptures make us looking back and see whether our lives are also linked to a monotonous routine by modern industrialization, as the little pieces of chains interlocked with each other.

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#1 Images Of Sculptures With An Unconventional Material

Artistic sculptures with unique materials
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Innovative material sculptures
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Creative sculptures using unusual materials
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Experimental material sculptures
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Unconventional material sculptures
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Avant-garde material sculptures
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Non-traditional material sculptures
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Exceptional material sculpture creations
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Contemporary material sculpture artworks
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo


Unorthodox material sculpture art
Image Credit: youngdeok_seo

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