Jacob Hashimoto is a Japanese-American artist who belongs to the modern digital era. However, what makes him special is the rich cultural background he inherited from being half-Japanese and half-American. Hashimoto recently presented an immersive installation named “The Disappointment Engine” as his newest artwork at New York’s Miles McEnery Gallery. This massive artwork includes a number of circular kites made up of paper and bamboo. These colourful kites hanging from walls and ceilings explore our presence in this digital era while showing the artist’s unique cultural background as a Japanese-American.

This artwork has 11 different installations. One of them, which is considered the largest installation, decorates the entrance of the art gallery. When a number of little kites, all in white hang and move, it gives viewers hints about the unique experience they are about to have at the entrance itself. Other parts of this immersive installation reveal the overall theme of exploring us within this digital world. For that, the artist has added a digitalized view to the little kites by adding the patterns we can see on computer screens and circuit boards while maintaining the cultural aspects of them.

While sharing his thoughts behind this massive artwork, Hashimoto expressed that his artistic vision is enriched by his cultural background. Not only as an artist but also as a person, those experiences have created his personality as well. That uniqueness paved the way for him to see this complex digital world through the earthiness of Asian cultures. Hashimoto’s goal is to make viewers rethink their lives, value systems, and roles. This immersive installation helps them to release from all complexities for a minute and feel the calmness, simplicity, and power of art and nature. Hashimoto considers himself a success if he can motivate at least one person to go through that mandatory self-reflection with the help of art.

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#1 Images Of Immersive Installation

Engaging art experience
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Immersive artwork
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Interactive environment
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Interactive exhibit
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Multi-sensory installation
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Stimulating exhibition
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Total sensory experience
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Dynamic installation
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BNA Nashville International Airport
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Interactive art installation
Image Credit: jacobhashimotostudio

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