Maude White is a paper artist who is currently practicing her artistry in New York’s Hudson Valley. She uses papers as her material. However, the quality of papers that this self-trained artist tries to showcase through her exquisite paper cutouts is a little different. As we all know, paper is a delicate, lightweight, and smooth material, but through her out-of-the-box artistic vision, White reveals how durable paper can be. She patiently cuts hundreds of tiny strips of paper and creates surreal shapes of plants, flowers, and animals.

White has been creating these exquisite paper cutouts for a decade now. Each piece of art she has crafted so far has gained inspiration from nature. From large flowers, including roses and lilies, to beautiful flower veins and maple leaves, White skillfully makes numerous cuts in a single sheet of paper to breathe life into them. Within her collection, paper cutouts of animals like elephants and mice can often be seen.

This wonderful artist’s vision behind these exquisite paper arts is that although paper looks delicate and flat externally, we can bring dimensionality and durability to it by cutting it. That is the main reason why White chooses to cut papers to craft her art. Moreover, she mentioned that the way cut papers remain connected emphasizes the value of unity. She tries to inspire viewers to be both sensitive and strong, just like the way paper is delicate and durable at the same time.

Brave Birds..

“Brave Birds” is one of her books, which includes exquisite paper cutouts of 65 birds. Apart from that, her artwork has been used to adorn “Resilience Alchemy” cards, which are created for inspiring people. The way this skillful artist converts delicate papers into durable and strong paper cutouts exhibits her expertise and patience as an artist.

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#1 Images Of Exquisite Paper Cutouts

Detailed paper cuttings
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Fine paper craftsmanship
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Artistic paper forms
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Beautiful paper renditions
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Crafted paper motifs
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Elegant paper cutworks
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Intricate paper sculptures
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Precise paper art
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Intriguing paper patterns
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Sophisticated paper artwork
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Stunning paper silhouettes
Image Credit:bymaudewhite


Sublime paper sculptures
Image Credit:bymaudewhite

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