A Mexico-based artist, Austin Howlett, uses his artistic power to create stunning surrealistic paintings that can bring us warm feelings about the harmony between humans and nature. He merges human figures with the natural surroundings in a way that we can’t differentiate between them.

In one painting, the branches of a tree have created a layer on a woman’s face. It depicts our origin in nature. In another one, a female face is shown through the leaves of a branch. The way Howlett connects the leaves with the face through bright sunrays makes it surrealistic. Apart from leaves and trees, he has embedded human figures with valleys covered with mountains and snowfields. The paintings of girls sleeping beside a snowy lake and in the middle of a valley are hyperrealistic. Those stunning surrealistic paintings show the talent and vision of the artist well.

According to Howlett, he believes that nature always inspires us to grow as humans. Humans are always incomplete without nature. He says that only nature can find real solutions to human problems and bring us peace. That is the reason why Howlett wanted to depict harmony between humans and nature through these stunning surrealistic paintings. He encourages viewers to face their insecurities and grow up more strongly. We will definitely find balance in life because nature is there to support us.

Howlett’s paintings invite us to look deep into them. The colours, surroundings, and even the emotions on the human face depict our vulnerabilities. The way nature embedded those human figures into itself seems to represent acceptance. These stunning surrealistic paintings ultimately show us that we have to accept our vulnerabilities and face them with the support of nature to grow as human beings.

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#1 Images Of Stunning Surrealistic Paintings

Surreal nature art
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Surrealistic portrayals
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Austin Howlett masterpieces
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Surrealistic visions
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Human vulnerability in art
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Nature's influence on paintings
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Visionary artistry
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Hyperrealistic landscapes
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Harmony in art
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Nature-inspired surrealism
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Nature's embrace in art
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art


Artistic harmony
Image Credit: austin.howlett_art

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