Maskull Lasserre is the talented artist behind this exceptional art piece. He has transformed two pianos into one sculpture by bridging the gap between them using a carving that looks like a real octopus. This piece of art is known as “The Third Octave”. The artist’s determination and hard work have explored the next level of creativity, despite the difficulties of the process.

According to Lasserre, he has spent nearly 2000 hours transforming two pianos into one sculpture. Since the process is not straightforward, he always had to be patient and attentive during the making of this sculpture. Lasserre had to make sure that everything he was doing would result in the intended outcome on its first attempt. There is no room for mistakes in this kind of art.

The two pianos were carefully disassembled in such a way that their strings and hammers flowed out of them. Lasserre’s long-term experience as a violinist before becoming a visual artist has helped him a lot during that phase of transforming two pianos into one sculpture. The sculpture sometimes looks like one piano, separated into two pieces by the tentacles of a large octopus. Although this art piece couldn’t impress some music lovers because of the way it was created, Lasserre has understood that he has to sacrifice something special to create something even more special out of it.

This wonderful artist always wanted to surprise viewers with extraordinary creations. In this sculpture, he also wanted to depict the beauty of a piano in a different medium other than its sound. He ensured that what he was creating with these two pieces of piano was more exciting than their actual form. While explaining about why he used octopus’s tentacles for bridging two pianos, he mentioned that he believes their anatomy is similar to the structure of a piano. Altogether, this masterpiece showcases the beauty of an artist’s imagination.

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#1 Images Of The Transformed Two Pianos Into One Sculpture

Unified piano artwork
Image Credit: maskulllasserre

#2 Work In Progress…

Piano fusion sculpture
Image Credit: maskulllasserre


Piano integration artwork
Image Credit: maskulllasserre


Piano amalgamation art
Image Credit: maskulllasserre


Dual piano sculpture
Image Credit: maskulllasserre


Piano merger sculpture
Image Credit: maskulllasserre


Conjoined piano creation
Image Credit: maskulllasserre

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