The Los Angeles-based artist Brock DeBoer creates beautiful ceramic pieces that can remind us of our cherished memories. You may have seen a range of objects created using ceramic such as plates, mugs, vases, and bowls, before. But have you ever thought of seeing a ceramic, shoe or lunch box? That’s the speciality of this artist. He transforms ordinary items like shoes, basketballs, or even a boot into a beautiful ceramic sculpture that can provide new perspectives on them.

In 2008, DeBoer started sculpting using porcelain. Once he got the opportunity to convert his own ideas into sculptures using porcelain, that became the turning point of his sculpting career. What made this passionate artist an expert in ceramic sculpting was his love for the material. According to DeBoer, he loves the fact that ceramic is so delicate and elegant while being difficult to work with. He loves it when the ceramic sculpting process demands so much attention and patience.

According to DeBoer’s experience, he likes to preserve memories. “A lot of memories we cherish in our lives are related to some objects that remind us of those memories whenever we see them. Surprisingly, most of the time, those objects are ordinary objects that we see in our day-to-day lives”. DeBoer believes that ceramic is the best material for sculpting because it can easily touch the hearts of the viewers. That’s why he combined both ceramic and ordinary objects together to preserve memories for so long.

The ordinary objects DeBoer chose to sculpt are related to the 1980s and 1990s. Those items remind him of his early life in South Dakota within that time period. As he described, a sneaker shoe is designed to have a short lifetime compared to a memory. “We can’t keep a shoe for a long time because, through usage, it eventually become unusable”. Therefore, DeBoer intended to preserve those golden memories by recreating those ordinary items as beautiful ceramic pieces.

This wonderful artist always gets his inspiration from real-world experiences. He is still passionate about the way this ceramic sculpture has evolved over time. Starting with porcelain, the enrichment of the history of this material drove him to become one of the finest ceramists. According to DeBoer, apart from the history of ceramics, he is motivated by a lot of objects, experiences, and incidents he comes across in his day-to-day life. It is his precise quality as an artist to figure out inspiration in anything ranging from one side to another.

While explaining the process of making these beautiful ceramic pieces, DeBoer described that each item takes different times to complete. Each object requires a different level of attention, focus, and preparation as well. When some items are highly detailed, he spends a lot of time making unique patterns and motifs for them. According to him, he needs to reform the material multiple times to reach its best condition. As an example, if he creates two pieces, one with two elements and the other with maybe 30 elements, the one with two elements requires more time. It is surprising to hear that more simple objects demand more work when it comes to sanding and preparing for the first firing stage.

Currently, DeBoer is planning an exhibition for his beautiful ceramic pieces. That exhibition is scheduled to be held in New York at the end of this year. Apart from that, he is going to collaborate with massive brands to promote their products at the beginning of next year. The biggest last project is his large solo show, ready to take place in Portland later next year.

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#1 Images Of Beautiful Ceramic Pieces

Ceramic sculptures
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Brock DeBoer's ceramic masterpieces
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Artistic porcelain sculptures
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Ceramic nostalgia art
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Delicate ceramic creations
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Extraordinary ceramic designs
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Memory-preserving ceramics
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Unique ceramic objects
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Elegant porcelain art
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Timeless ceramic craftsmanship
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