104-year-old Chicagoan Dorothy Hoffner recently set the Guinness World Record for the oldest person to skydive by successfully jumping from 13,500 feet up in the air. With this incredible accomplishment, she proved that age is just a number. She inspires a lot of youngsters to follow their passions and materialise their dreams in spite of their age.

With the support of Skydive Chicago, Hoffner flew to the Northern Illinois skies. Together with a United States Parachute Association-certified instructor, she did her tremendous tandem jump when she reached the town of Ottawa. The most exciting fact is that this was not the first time she did a tandem jump. She did her first jump at the age of 100. However there is a significant difference between the two attempts. This time she decided to lead the jump instead of getting the support of the instructor to push out together.

The facilitator, Skydive Chicago, shared an interesting video clip on their official Instagram page. That video shows how excited Hoffner was before getting on the plane. She walked to the plane with the support of her walker. The videos taken inside the plane show how calmly this wonderful woman was waiting for her chance to come. Once her turns came, Hoffner jumped out of the plane along with her instructor and completed a few forward rolls in the sky. Then the video shows how much she was enjoying it. She eventually made her landing on the ground with the help of a parachute, to a cheer from the crowds who were gathered to see this historic moment.

Before Hoffner became the oldest person to skydive in the world, 103-year-old Linnea Ingegard Larsson held the title. The Swedish skydiver kept this record in May 2022. Haffner mentioned this jump as an incredible experience once she described it to the media. It seemed like she was becoming wordless to describe how wonderful the experience was up in the sky. This brave woman doesn’t hope to stop her adventures. Once she turned 105 in December, she planned to celebrate it with her next adventure, which is riding a hot air balloon, because she has never been in one of those.

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