The 2023 Honest Amish National Beard and Moustache Championship happened in Daytona Beach. The contestants who participated in this championship gathered at Daytona Beach and displayed their vivid facial hair styles. Elle Jaye, the official photographer of this event, captured the extraordinary beards, moustaches, and goatees of the contestants.

There were multiple categories of titles for competitors to participate in. Some of them are for participants with neat and charming facial hair styles. On the other hand, other titles were for finding the contestant with the most vivid and fun beard and moustache styles. However, that is where the real entertainment of the 2023 National Beard and Moustache Championship was. While talking about the fantasy of these styles, it is important to mention that it has taken a lot of time and effort from these contestants to maintain their facial hair.

Eventually, it was time to announce the names of the winners. The 2023 National Beard and Moustache Championship rewarded 47 winners under 47 titles. Meanwhile, Jacob Darlington was luckily titled as the best of the entire show. Firstly, he secured the top position in the “Full Beard Garibaldi” category.

As the official website of this competition mentioned, the criteria for a Garibaldi beard are that it should be less than 8 inches from the lower lip in length. The shape of the beard should be broad and circular at the bottom. It is obviously required to be a natural beard, and there should not be a separation or artificial style between moustache and beard. However, these pictures inspire anyone to try out different fantastic styles with their facial hair.

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#1 The Winner Of The 2023 National Beard And Moustache Championship

Vivid Beard Competition
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2023 Fantasy Beard Styles
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Beard and Moustache Winners
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Beard Championship 2023
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Charming Moustache Showcase
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Daytona Beach Beard Contest
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Extraordinary Facial Hair
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Full Beard Garibaldi Criteria
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Garibaldi Beard Winner
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Neat Facial Hair Styles
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