Marianne Seiman is an Estonia-based crochet artist. She creates amazing crochet art that is incredibly realistic. Those flora, fungi, and seashells in crochets are highly detailed, making it too difficult not to touch them.

Seiman’s amazing crochet art career started when she was in her twenties. She left the city and moved to the countryside so that she would have more freedom to work on her passion. Although this amazing artist has been practising this art since her childhood, it took nearly 20 years for her to realise her love for crochet. Meanwhile, Seiman started to learn a few more crafting arts like knitting, felting, and sewing, but crocheting remained the best because it gave her the flexibility to balance work and personal life.

When it comes to their cuteness, these amazing crochet arts are very similar to amigurumi. The form of the material also gives them a fancy vibe. Overall, the precision, cuteness, softness, and quality of crochet art pieces enhance their attractiveness.

While describing how her crochet career evolved over time, Seiman mentioned that she joined #the100dayproject via Instagram. Then she started to try out making different types of crochets. The first year was all about making crochet brooches. In 2020, she started focusing on making crochet mushrooms for 100 days. Afterwards, this amazing artist turned her creativity into crafting crochet seashells in 2021. By 2022, Seiman had expertised her crochet art, completing one more 100 days of creating crochet flowers. Her artistic power will continue to make cute little lifelike crochets in future as well.

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#1 Images Of Amazing Crochet Art

Crochet Beyond Amigurumi The Elegance of Marianne Seiman's Art
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Crochet flowers
Image Credit: heegeldab


100 Days of Crochet Marianne Seiman's Creative Journey
Image Credit: heegeldab


Amigurumi alternatives
Image Credit: heegeldab


Crochet brooches
Image Credit: heegeldab


Crochet Gifts that Impress Unique and Handmade by Marianne Seiman
Image Credit: heegeldab


Crochet seashells
Image Credit: heegeldab


Crochet Wall Art Elevate Your Space with Marianne Seiman's Creations
Image Credit: heegeldab


Estonian Crochet Artist Marianne Seiman
Image Credit: heegeldab


Estonian crochet
Image Credit: heegeldab


From City to Countryside Finding Inspiration in Nature
Image Credit: heegeldab


Intricate Crochet Mushrooms, Seashells, and Flowers
Image Credit: heegeldab


Learn to Crochet Like Marianne Seiman Tips and Tutorials
Image Credit: heegeldab


Sustainable Crochet Upcycled Materials and Eco-Friendly Practices
Image Credit: heegeldab


Hyperrealistic Crochet Flora and Fauna
Image Credit: heegeldab

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