I am pretty sure that you have visited an art gallery at least once in your life. You may have seen art pieces hung on the walls there. But have you ever thought of seeing those artworks spanning from the walls to the floor? Studio Cre.a.i.tive has created surreal carpet art to visualise it using artificial intelligence.

This carpet art picture series is titled “The Reflection of Lost Thoughts”. Studio Cre.a.i.tive has created those fantastic art pieces based on Faig Ahmed’s fabric arts. Ahmed is well known for his dreamlike carpet designs that are well integrated into their surroundings. AI has enhanced the quality of this surreal carpet art which, was already high in its original version.

While sharing the intention behind creating this art gallery, Cre.a.i.tive expressed that they wanted to explore the mystery of human thoughts and emotions. As the title implies, each of these art pieces reflects the dynamic nature of our human thoughts. They also believed that human thoughts and emotions are always changing and taking different forms, just like liquids. The colour theme and patterns are inspired by natural beauties like sea waves. As a whole, this surreal carpet art can make us feel lost within our own inner worlds while looking at it.

More Infor & Photo Courtesy: Instagram

#1 Images Of Surreal Carpet Art

Dreamlike Carpet Designs
Image Credit: cre.a.i.tive


Faig Ahmed Inspired Carpets
Image Credit: cre.a.i.tive


Abstract Textile Masterpieces
Image Credit: cre.a.i.tive


AI-Enhanced Floor Art
Image Credit: cre.a.i.tive


Studio Cre.a.i.tive's Unique Textiles
Image Credit: cre.a.i.tive


Emotive Floor Art Gallery
Image Credit: cre.a.i.tive


Surreal Fabric Creations
Image Credit: cre.a.i.tive

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