A talented photographer, Dan Zafra, travels all over the world to capture rare pictures. He and his partner, Ascen, have established a company called “Capture the Atlas”. They visit the most beautiful places in the world and take stunning pictures that depict their love for travelling. Zafra’s recent destination was New Zealand. That journey became special with the Milky Way photos they could capture there.

To capture this precise moment, they visited a valley filled with glaciers in Aoraki; otherwise, Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. This mesmerising photo of our galaxy was named “Aoraki Starlight”. The lower part of this Milky Way photo is composed of seven vertically layered images. The upper part, which shows the night sky, forming in the same way using ten images.

As an astrophotographer..

It was like a dream come true for Zafra because Mount Cook National Park is where we can see the world’s largest international dark sky. With the help of Google Earth Pro, he started location hunting to capture Milky Way photos. According to Google Earth Pro, there was a possibility to capture a Milky Way photo in the sky above Hooker River, which is in Hooker Valley. Then, based on the verification of the PhotoPills app, he reached the location and waited for the right time.

From the top of a rock by the Hooker River, where he could see the best view of the Milky Way, Zafra captured the mesmerising night sky. He used an Astro-modified Sony A7lll camera and a Sony 20 mm f/1.8 lens for that. Using a different camera and lens, he captured the foreground as well. After working on the editing part of those pictures, the outcomes were two panorama images for the upper and lower parts of the intended photo. Using Photoshop, he combined those two images and created a dreamy Milky Way photo.

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#1 Milky Way Photo

Celestial Sky Photography
Image Credit: capturetheatlas


Galactic Astrophotography
Image Credit: capturetheatlas


Aoraki Starlight Capture
Image Credit: capturetheatlas


Cosmic Landscape Photography
Image Credit: capturetheatlas


Hooker Valley Astro Photography
Image Credit: capturetheatlas


Milky Way Wonderland Shot
Image Credit: capturetheatlas


New Zealand Night Sky View
Image Credit: capturetheatlas


Night Sky Panorama Art

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