A sensational photographer, Reuben Wu, is famous for the special type of photographs he captures. In those photographs, different objects that are pretended to look alien-like are shown against a dark background. He uses LED lights to depict alien-like objects and drones to capture a wide view of them. However, with the exclusive release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Wu collaborated with Apple. The second time to reveal its incomparable capabilities by taking adorable photographs of Utah desert.

Typically, to take those unique pictures, Wu needs a large and complex setup with DSLR cameras. With the exciting invitation from Apple, he planned to do the same without a large setup. Wu was surprised to see the way everything went smoothly, even more than expected. He became so satisfied when he could successfully replace his complex and huge setup with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Although he has been using apps such as Viewfinder and GPS on his iPhone for other different requirements like scouting and navigating for so long, he never thought of completely relying on an iPhone thought his shoots.

User Experience..

Providing the same user experience given by a traditional DSLR setup, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has its own advantages. The size is the most important one. Its small size gave Wu the opportunity to try out new locations and angels, which were impossible previously. This sensational photographer introduced a new perspective to Utah deserts through adorable shots taken using this iPhone. What he all had to do was put the iPhone 15 Pro Max into his shirt pocket. Then, grab his tripod and lumber pack, and capture adorable pictures.

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max includes 3 cameras with 5-times zoom capabilities. Further, the ability to imitate a 120mm focal length. It is ideal for professional photographers, enabling them to dive deep into their creativity. Wu has also proved that pictures taken using this iPhone can be printed on a large scale without a loss of quality. Although, it should be improved more to do everything related to professional photography. Wu has proven that the iPhone will let you take your creativity to the next level.

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#1 Images From iPhone 15 Pro Max

Pro-level shots with iPhone 15
Image Credit: reuben


Compact iPhone photography setup
Image Credit: reuben


5x zoom capabilities iPhone
Image Credit: reuben


Reuben Wu iPhone 15 captures
Image Credit: reuben


iPhone 15 camera features
Image Credit: reuben


Creative photography with iPhone 15
Image Credit: reuben


iPhone 15 Pro Max photography
Image Credit: reuben

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