Patrick Bergsma is a Netherlands-based artist, who creates stunning bonsai tree sculptures combining bonsai trees and shattered porcelain pots. Although they are different objects, the piece of art they create together is outstanding. Through his artistic effort, Bergsma hopes to provide information on the origin of both bonsai trees and porcelain art.

Bergsma is always interested in history and antiques. His passion inspired him to explore different types of art influenced by various global cultures and civilizations. A design on an antique German porcelain plate impacted Bergsma strongly, so he wanted to recreate a 3D version of that design, which depicts an Asian décor of floating islands. So, that was the birth of these stunning bonsai tree sculptures, which are a main part of the art project called “Expanding China”.

Firstly, Bergsma created a number of large plates and decorated them with floating island designs. This visionary artist didn’t forget to add a modern touch to those designs as well. By this time, he had decided to merge his designs with bonsai trees since both of them were originally from China. However, as Bergsma hoped, both porcelain and bonsai together enhanced the significance of each other.

There is a speciality with the bonsai trees incorporated into this project. They are either sick or dead. Bergsma takes care of some sick bonsai trees and plants them in his studio garden. The integration of porcelains and bonsai trees is so natural and reflects the traditional Japanese flower-arranging art called “ikebana”. In some sculptures, it looks like bonsai trees are coming out, shattering the porcelain plate. Sometimes, they have come out using holes in the pot without shattering it. In both ways, it is difficult to recognise that these stunning bonsai tree sculptures are handmade. These stunning sculptures represent the harmony between human beings and nature, apart from the history of Chinese art.

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#1 Images Of Stunning Bonsai Tree Sculptures

Asian-inspired sculpture garden
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Breathtaking bonsai art
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Chinese art-inspired bonsai
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Creative bonsai installations
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Expanding China art series
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Harmony of nature and porcelain
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Innovative tree and pot art
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Porcelain and bonsai fusion
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Unique tree sculpture designs
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Visionary bonsai creations
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