UK-based artist Demi Lang creates architectural drawings that depict the beauty of old-world Europe. She only uses multi-coloured pencils and ink to paint them. It is her passion to draw old-world architectural landmarks, including both famous European architectural monuments and simple local buildings like aesthetic coffee shops and restaurants. Lang keeps her paintings highly detailed so that making it difficult to differentiate whether it is a painting or a real picture.

This talented artist is also interested in sharing her knowledge and passion with other enthusiasts. She shares videos of the entire process of drawing and painting old-world European architectural landscapes, step by step. Apart from videos, Lang also conducts online classes. In those classes, she helps students who do not have any background in painting learn the entire art from A to Z.

Lang is always trying to experiment with her art. She tries out different techniques and approaches to enhance the liveliness of her paintings. For any form or size of painting, her effort is to make it better than the previous one. Detailing can be considered the spirit of Lang’s drawings. She is planning to publish a book called “Drawing and Illustrating Architecture: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Art of Drawing and Illustrating Beautiful Buildings” by 2024. This is a comprehensive guide to the five architectural drawing projects she completed.

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#1 Images Of Old-World Europe

European architectural beauty
Image Credit: demilangart


Aesthetic European cafes
Image Credit: demilangart


Architectural landmarks in ink
Image Credit: demilangart


Detailed European art
Image Credit: demilangart


Europe in colored pencils
Image Credit: demilangart


European architectural drawings
Image Credit: demilangart


Old-world building illustrations
Image Credit: demilangart


Old-world Europe paintings
Image Credit: demilangart


Step-by-step drawing classes
Image Credit: demilangart


Vintage European landmarks
Image Credit: demilangart

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