Love is a profound feeling that ties two hearts together. It is the feeling that brings happiness to your life. Remember the day when you first fell in love with someone? The day when you felt that you expected nothing from God but the happiness of that person. On that day, you might surely feel like you can do anything to bring a smile to her or his face. That feeling, that happiness, that love,-they have no limits. No matter what happens, true lovers will be there for each other forever. Even ageing is not a barrier to love. Even though ageing doesn’t allow persons to be as energetic as when they were young, it allows that persons to be the same romantic and loving persons they were. Because true love knows no age limits.

Since love has no age limits, even older couples can share their love in the same way they used to. If both of them love travelling and exploring nature together, they can do it now too. If she felt free whenever she hopped on the back of his bike and went somewhere when they were young, if he used to cuddle her all the time to express his love, there are no age limits to going on a bike ride or cuddling in public. Older couple can still wear couple t-shirts and visit public places to show that their love is still the same and knows no age limits.

Although some traditional opinions suggest limiting love with age, we should not forget that a feeling like love is essential for our happiness. Love is the true meaning of life. Appreciate it if you see an older couple who walk hand in hand or who dance together. Wish them the best of health. On the other hand, if you are an older person, don’t hesitate to try out new experiences with your partner. Share the love with her or him. Because love is one of the few things that have no age limits.
















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