The Siberian tiger is a highly conserved and sparsely populated animal. And this animal division is a big scary cat and is also a predator. A Japanese photographer has captured an inconvenience to an animal living at the Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido. The photographer is Riku and captures a series of pictures, falling snow on the head of a Siberian tiger. Presumably, this tiger tapped a branch on its snout, and it is no doubt that all the snow that was there fell on the tiger’s head.

Riku takes all these four photos in perfect order, and at first it looks like the tiger is enjoying the snow. It then appears that a bunch of snow from a nearby tree has fallen on his head, and that fluffy icy powder has spread all over his face. In the end, the Tiger must have thought that “This just happened to me, but no one saw it.”

More Infor & Photo Courtesy: Instagram | Twitter


Image Credit: riku


Image Credit: riku_0710


Image Credit: riku_0710


Image Credit: riku_0710


Image Credit: riku_0710


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