Cody Evans is a photographer with an eclectic range of interests, which he showcases on his Instagram account. He captures various types of imagery that cater to his passion for photography from birds, air shows, and motocross to stormy landscapes. On a stormy day, he took staggering thousands of photos of crashing waves at Lake Erie which is at the international boundary of the USA and Canada. After reviewing them, he revealed what looked like the Poseidon’s face emerging from the water, with eyes that appear sunken, a nose that protrudes noticeably, and a mouth that is slightly formed, all of which are crowned by an unkempt mass of hair.

The gusts of wind that occur in that area are an annual occurrence that causes large waves, as per the meteorological department from Environment Canada. During the transitional period from fall to winter, gusts of wind commonly take place because of variance in temperature between air and water. These winds traverse a considerable distance across the water, accumulating momentum and leading to the formation of significant waves. He is driven by his passion for photography and the unique experiences that he can capture with his camera, which results in mesmerizing photographs that capitative and inspire viewers.

More Infor & Photo Courtesy: Instagram

#1 Images Of Poseidon’s Face And Other Faces In Crashing Waves

Sea deity visage
Image Credit: sick_shotz_photography


Neptune's countenance
Image Credit: sick_shotz_photography


Aquatic deity appearance
Image Credit: sick_shotz_photography


Oceanic deity face
Image Credit: sick_shotz_photography


Water god visage
Image Credit: sick_shotz_photography


Maritime deity likeness
Image Credit: sick_shotz_photography


Poseidon's profile
Image Credit: sick_shotz_photography

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