Drone photography of historic skyscrapers in USA is a unique and exciting way of capturing the grandeur of these architectural marvels. These photographs showcase not only the visual beauty of these buildings but also their design and construction. The process of capturing these images can be challenging, as it needs navigating regulations and restrictions around flying drones near these skyscrapers. However, the result is worthwhile, as the images provide a new and unique perspective on these iconic structures and their cultural and architectural significance.

Chris Hytha is a photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of these architectural marvels from a unique perspective. Using drones, he is able to take breathtaking images that would otherwise be impossible to see. Nevertheless, capturing these images is challenging as not getting intricate details due to the low resolution of drone images, shooting landscape orientation, and some other limitations of drone technology. To overcome the challenges he has encountered, obtaining high-rise images through the process of scanning the building façade at each level and manually consolidating the series of images into a vertical composite. Though this process is time-consuming, however, it yields exceptional sharpness and resolution of the images.

His work is a perfect example of how new technology can be used to see impossible things like historic skyscrapers, also to enhance our understanding, and appreciation of the world around us.

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Historic Skyscrapers In USA

#1 Buffalo City Hall

Buffalo City Hall
Historic Skyscrapers- Image Credit: hytha.cg

#2 Rand Building

Rand Building
Image Credit: hytha.cg

#3 Genesee Valley Trust Building

Genesee Valley Trust Building
Image Credit: hytha.cg

#4 Baltimore Trust Building

Baltimore Trust Building
Image Credit: hytha.cg

More Images Of Historic skyscrapers

#5 Emerson Tower

Emerson Towe
Image Credit: hytha.cg

#6 Keenan Building

Keenan Building
Image Credit: hytha.cg

#7 Koppers Building

Koppers Building
Image Credit: hytha.cg

#8 Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning
Image Credit: hytha.cg

#9 Edison Building

Edison Building
Image Credit: hytha.cg

#10 Liberty Trust Building

Liberty Trust Building
Image Credit: hytha.cg

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